Smiling at life?

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

The expres­sion will seem grotesque to the one who drags her pain as a neces­si­ty, it will be greet­ed in silence by the one who will have lived long enough to know that real­i­ty is a mat­ter nei­ther to smile nor to cry. The adult often repeats it to him­self, the young pubes­cent takes it over, the child does not even think about it, he was born inside.

It is a word full of mean­ing, which requires con­stant effort from the cheeks. Fear, the one that is often right, has proved time and again that mod­er­a­tion tastes much bet­ter and that cau­tion in this area is worth all the care­free promis­es. Life is not to be tak­en lightly.

In fact, there is not only one answer ; the truth is a riv­er that always seems to fol­low the same course, but which, as time shows, even­tu­al­ly digs into the hard­est rock. Time, on the oth­er hand, does not smile, but it accomplishes.

We can indeed fool­ish­ly smile at life. That would be a beau­ti­ful waste. Life is first and fore­most a strug­gle, because, in a dimen­sion that escapes us, a great lady, Nature, I believe is her name, seems to be the only one who can real­ly hope to have fun so much she breathes into her inven­tions the flame of persistence.

There is no com­fort in say­ing that you have to smile all the time. Cor­rupt politi­cians, false prophets, poor priests do it relent­less­ly, and they are despised for it, so much so that their beau­ti­ful clothes are worn away that they can see through the pale skin of these liars.

It’s more about this life. You have to give your­self courage. Only the brave move for­ward. Smil­ing is then so easy to win.