Smiling at life?

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

The expression will seem grotesque to the one who drags her pain as a necessity, it will be greeted in silence by the one who will have lived long enough to know that reality is a matter neither to smile nor to cry. The adult often repeats it to himself, the young pubescent takes it over, the child does not even think about it, he was born inside.

It is a word full of meaning, which requires constant effort from the cheeks. Fear, the one that is often right, has proved time and again that moderation tastes much better and that caution in this area is worth all the carefree promises. Life is not to be taken lightly.

In fact, there is not only one answer; the truth is a river that always seems to follow the same course, but which, as time shows, eventually digs into the hardest rock. Time, on the other hand, does not smile, but it accomplishes.

We can indeed foolishly smile at life. That would be a beautiful waste. Life is first and foremost a struggle, because, in a dimension that escapes us, a great lady, Nature, I believe is her name, seems to be the only one who can really hope to have fun so much she breathes into her inventions the flame of persistence.

There is no comfort in saying that you have to smile all the time. Corrupt politicians, false prophets, poor priests do it relentlessly, and they are despised for it, so much so that their beautiful clothes are worn away that they can see through the pale skin of these liars.

It’s more about this life. You have to give yourself courage. Only the brave move forward. Smiling is then so easy to win.