So beautiful is the chain

Modifié le : 2019/07/17

I’ve want­ed to talk again about singing for a long time. I did not stop my class­es, despite a few absences here and there, in the tan­gle of dai­ly activ­i­ties. I haven’t been prac­tic­ing dili­gent­ly at home either.

How­ev­er, progress seems to have been made. Some­thing sub­tle is hap­pen­ing in my frag­ile throat. The vocal cords, prob­a­bly still too tense, nev­er­the­less accli­ma­tize to singing high­er. It is rel­a­tive­ly easy to approach the A, to slide even high­er, up to two tones high­er with­out it being bril­liant. I don’t get tired at these heights and, when I don’t think about singing well, I sing better.

My teacher sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly enjoins me to give up my too vir­ile attacks. The voice must remain frag­ile, so to speak, always danc­ing on tip­toe on a wire that only belongs to the melody. If this sen­tence seems con­cep­tu­al, it is nev­er­the­less true. Take, for exam­ple, a rise that I have to make in Pri­gion­era hò l’al­ma in pena, an aria from Han­del’s opera Rodelin­da. I start from a low E and I have to qui­et­ly reach an A. If I attack this climb by press­ing the first notes, I have dif­fi­cul­ty get­ting to the top. If, on the oth­er hand, I let the first notes vibrate like sim­mer­ing water, with­out push­ing them, the A, perched at the very top, seems rather good to me. So I repeat my ascent, two, three, six times, with var­i­ous results that are dif­fi­cult for me to judge.

If there is one dis­turb­ing thing about singing, it’s that we don’t hear our­selves sing that much. The teacher is hap­py at times when I least expect it. It is a sin to try hear­ing your­self sing. Singing high is singing with a bot­tle almost full to the brim. All the ener­gy is in the neck. Not easy to under­stand, not easy to grasp. And then, yes, my voice seems frag­ile, scared. As from the begin­ning, a cathar­tic process is tak­ing place. I can feel the ice crack­ing. Is that a good thing ? Free­dom or frag­men­ta­tion ? It costs me a lot of mon­ey to learn, even if, to tell you the truth, my teacher’s rate is more than rea­son­able, but my finances being what they are…

Speak­ing of mon­ey, I am in con­tact with a finan­cial advi­sor, hired by my com­pa­ny, to offer us suit­able RRSPs. One of the first steps will be to get my finances back on track. I asked this coun­selor to include this singing les­son as an essen­tial expense. It’s all say­ing and singing.

By the way, this opera aria is deli­cious, so con­tem­po­rary. My next nov­el could revolve around love (I have a title : My Flesh Friend). The Ital­ian text goes about this way : My trapped soul is tor­ment­ed, but so beau­ti­ful is the chain that I don’t want free­dom. Sad and sick, my heart is pros­trate, but his pain is so pleas­ant that he does not want to be liberated.

À la Han­del, honey !

A big thank you, any­way, to Vincent !

Sung here by Kurt Stre­it (it’s at 1′00″). Sung very slow­ly, maybe too slow­ly ? But well, Ma si bel­la è la cate­na (but so beau­ti­ful is the chain). It seems so easy for him ! Sigh…