Submission of the manuscript

Modifié le : 2019/07/20

I returned the man­u­script this morn­ing to my edi­tor. It has now been twelve days since I spent most of my free time review­ing not one man­u­script, but two. At VLB, the penul­ti­mate copy of the text was used to make cor­rec­tions. Noth­ing dra­mat­ic in itself, since the text had not been so altered, but enough so that I had to read their cor­rec­tions and my text marked final.

I had removed some pas­sages here and there, cre­at­ed oth­ers, changed the struc­ture of three chap­ters. My edi­tor will send it back to me with­in two weeks. This will then be the last read­ing in the Word doc­u­ment. This will be fol­lowed by the lay­out stage and, from there, a final check. This is the num­ber of times you have to reread a text so much that you feel slight­ly nau­seous or increas­ing­ly dis­sat­is­fied, because the more you exam­ine it, the more you doubt it.

The read­er will not see all this, will not know that there has been rep­e­ti­tion here, incon­sis­ten­cy there. The eyes usu­al­ly go too fast, the emo­tion fills these cracks. Noth­ing, of course, is per­fect. These reread­ings also have a strange effect on me ; they make me less socia­ble, sen­si­tive to dreams, to the imag­i­na­tion. My mind is back on the hunt for new ideas. I wish I could have that lux­u­ry of dai­ly silence to be able to write and write. And even if it makes me aso­cial, I still want to meet peo­ple so that they can feed me with their sto­ries. I have two or three ideas for nov­els, I don’t yet know where my choic­es will end. It is cer­tain­ly dif­fi­cult for me to detach my life from my writ­ing. How­ev­er, I have to find char­ac­ters who can speak for me.

For the moment, let’s leave all the space to Falaise. With­in a week, I’ll be promised a cov­er. I can’t wait ! It is the begin­ning of the objec­ti­va­tion, the stag­ing and the begin­ning of the total detach­ment. For the time being, I fear nei­ther crit­i­cism nor indif­fer­ence. Is this wis­dom ? Prob­a­bly only the knowl­edge of how it works in this lit­tle world. Not wait­ing for any­thing and maybe every­thing will come.

Let’s con­tin­ue the hours, hap­pi­ness is lost in a few seconds.