Sweet pandemic

I hard­ly ever go out and have nev­er been so con­nect­ed to the out­side world through vir­tu­al chan­nels. I am one of those priv­i­leged peo­ple who can con­tin­ue to work as the Thing out­side feeds on those who have dif­fi­cul­ty defend­ing them­selves. This remains almost unre­al for me, hypo­thet­i­cal. I have bought an ergonom­ic chair, a key­board, a mouse. I receive my salary every two weeks as if the dan­ger pass­es over my head.

Of course, every­thing has changed. I have to go gro­cery shop­ping, sur­round­ed by peo­ple who are increas­ing­ly fright­ened, dis­tant, and docile. But the gro­cery store shelves are still full. Ama­zon takes care of the rest. My best friend, who lives down­stairs with his hus­band, does most of the essen­tial shop­ping for both floors. We aim to be a com­mu­ni­ty, so to speak, at the very least as food is concerned.

The food is good, the wine is good. I valiant­ly do my twen­ty min­utes of ellip­ti­cal lis­ten­ing to Brazil­ian minis­eries that are not always inter­est­ing. It helps me to get used to this lan­guage that, if the trend con­tin­ues, I will nev­er go to prac­tice in Brazil. I’m slow­ly los­ing my stom­ach, my abs are becom­ing more refined, I work maybe a lit­tle too much, I fall asleep quick­ly, my sleep is often rest­less, and I have start­ed to feel heart­burn again. Per­haps I would have expe­ri­enced this if it weren’t for the pan­dem­ic. Get­ting old is a bit like that, isn’t it ?

We are liv­ing in a new era, some say, and it won’t be the astrologers who will con­tra­dict me. In fact, we’re hav­ing a field day with the astrologers. The New York Times pre­dict­ed the end of astrol­o­gy just because astrologers couldn’t pre­dict it. This is, first of all, false. André Bar­beault, in 1992, even wrote it in a book…

Which are the most igno­rant, I ask you ? There are fools every­where, even among schol­ars and espe­cial­ly among the self-righteous.

I don’t think human­i­ty will change. It has recov­ered from so many wars and dis­eases. One day it too will die out no mat­ter what the good Lord says. The hope is that the uni­verse will con­tin­ue to run its course. After all, we know so lit­tle about any­thing. Our present time is just a hot soup in a caul­dron of possibilities.