Taking the floor again

Modifié le : 2019/08/08

Since yes­ter­day, I’ve been review­ing a poor­ly writ­ten chap­ter. Les Mailles san­guines will con­sist of 81 sec­tions, each occu­py­ing a max­i­mum of two pages. The lat­ter, how­ev­er, are longer. This text has been in my head for sev­en years. It has undoubt­ed­ly matured nice­ly, just as I have reached the age to want to do things right.

My first pub­lish­er, see­ing my impa­tience at the time, and espe­cial­ly my jeal­ousy at the instant suc­cess of some, had told me to calm down. He was right. To have been suc­cess­ful too soon, I believe that my pride would have killed me, as it has afflict­ed many.

Now that my texts are sleep­ing in a few libraries, and no one real­ly remem­bers me, I find myself per­sist­ing. So much, the bet­ter if suc­cess comes with this nov­el that is just com­ing out. It does­n’t mat­ter if no one reads it. I will then post it here, as the trou­ba­dours roamed the roads with their poems and songs thrown to the winds and the ears of passers-by.