The barbarians

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

They are nev­er far from want­i­ng to pull out knives and machetes, to split the skin of crim­i­nals. Sen­a­tor Boisvenu is not wel­come in my home, but I know that the major­i­ty agrees with what he said.

The var­nish of human­i­ty is frag­ile, still fresh­ly paint­ed. It is a strange beast that the peo­ple who have been chant­i­ng to death for cen­turies just for the plea­sure, no doubt, of see­ing blood spill. Do we not under­stand that to rise, we must for­give, that to sur­pass the tooth against a tooth, we must abne­gate our­selves ? It’s easy to say, it’s a piti­ful Chris­t­ian prayer ? A waste of pub­lic funds ?

To hear, dur­ing the last few days, these vehe­ment peo­ple, I tell myself that we must remem­ber ad nau­se­am the hor­rors of the past. No won­der peo­ple live in unhap­pi­ness, they do not yet seem to have the abil­i­ty to under­stand what dri­ves them to grief. Peo­ple get stuck in vine­gar because of this per­pet­u­al taste of revenge that they have in their mouths, hate whose mean­ing and ori­gin they no longer under­stand, when they could imi­tate their ances­tors who, in war, demon­strat­ed their courage to act differently.

It is dis­cour­ag­ing to see that there are two types of bar­barism, the vis­i­ble one and the oth­er, the qui­et bar­barism of ordi­nary peo­ple, who wait for their lit­tle hour of glo­ry, lurk­ing behind the exe­cu­tion­ers of the state, and who sali­vate at the thought of being able to skin their neigh­bor. We then under­stand that it would only take so lit­tle to back away because the head­wind is too strong.

I’m not a saint, I don’t think I have the truth. Yet I am con­vinced, what I say, faith, that good­ness exists. The world turns on infer­nal axles, life is short, frag­ile, death gives no gifts. How­ev­er, there is a har­mo­ny and, when you guess it, you real­ize that it is right for every­one. This har­mo­ny is beyond us, so there is no point in fight­ing it with our ridicu­lous penknives.