The cauldron

Our brain has two anten­nas. One, like jel­ly­fish fil­a­ments, cap­tures the moods of the swell and the tides. The oth­er, younger, seeks dan­ger and pre­pares for bat­tle, or invents a quan­tum the­o­ry that can amaze us in the arms of a drunk­en male mer­maid. The cycle seems per­pet­u­al. The right brain picks up every­thing, accepts every­thing. The left brain plays the scribe, try­ing to tran­scribe on tablets he wants to be made of mar­ble cer­tain­ties that will bring him clos­er to the ulti­mate knowledge.

Thus go the neu­rons, shar­ing a con­scious­ness as oth­ers exchange kiss­es. Where is real­i­ty ? At my place, at yours, else­where ? You will claim that this con­scious­ness must exist some­where because you are tak­ing note of what I am writ­ing to you using things that belong to you, your phone, and your skin.

Real­i­ty exists because you have giv­en birth, you have loved, hat­ed, accu­mu­lat­ed wealth or debts. You also suf­fer, your ten­sion is too high, your body self-destruc­ts and, when you will die, there will be more or less peo­ple to cry for you, to roll your mem­o­ry towards the ter­mite mound of oblivion.

This real­i­ty exists in all our brains unit­ed by an impal­pa­ble com­mu­ni­ty of thoughts. How­ev­er, too many expe­ri­ences showed us that these are con­struc­tions that are, more often than we think, wrong, even if it helps us. Peo­ple who had their left brain par­a­lyzed expe­ri­enced an under­stand­ing and hap­pi­ness that only the right brain­child could report. The first oper­ates on dopamine, the sec­ond on sero­tonin. Schiz­o­phren­ics who invent real­i­ties have, it seems, an over­ac­tive left brain, which seeks to under­stand, mea­sure, explain.

As for the right brain, bathed in its sero­tonin, it per­ceives the high com­mands of the uni­verse and invis­i­ble gods. In a healthy per­son, the dia­logue between these two brains guides his/​her exis­tence. The ana­lyt­ics of the left brain pro­duce schol­ar­ly books and reg­u­la­tions. Right brain fools are con­tent with indis­ci­pline and chance. How­ev­er, we should not believe that the lat­ter are nec­es­sar­i­ly more artists and less knowl­edge­able than the for­mer and that the for­mer are not aware of the unfathomable.

The impal­pa­ble quest will not sur­prise any­one, the mea­sure of what we under­stand is also the recog­ni­tion of what we do not know, of what we can­not cap­ture or under­stand. The very man­i­fes­ta­tion of this con­scious­ness that dwells with­in us is a nat­ur­al mir­a­cle forged in the caul­dron of cos­mic fusion.

What is the uni­verse think­ing about right now ? What are the dreams of our Alpha of the Cen­taur neighbors ?

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