The Christmas Mass

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

It must have been ten years since I attend­ed a Christ­mas mass. They have obvi­ous­ly not changed much. The Prayers in the Church is always of the same mold. A big mis­take in the lit­tle portable missal I held. All dates had been changed except for the date on the first inner page. It, there­fore, read “Decem­ber 25, 2010”.

The Holy Spir­it Church was not crowd­ed ; there had already been the 7:00 p. m. Mass for the chil­dren. As I had arrived too ear­ly, I observed for a while those who came to this first mass. Their youth sur­prised me. Many young cou­ples with a first or sec­ond child. A moth­er who was pac­ing in the church to calm her new­born baby, a few old men who would prob­a­bly go to bed ear­ly since they already seemed so asleep, a large emp­ty manger on the right of the altar, fore­shad­owed liv­ing char­ac­ters. Indeed, after a few melodies, a read­er began the Christ­mas sto­ry. The tone was set, when the don­key and the ox appeared, seem­ing­ly com­ing straight from Passe-partout. And when the ox start­ed talk­ing in the manger, I ran away to a Star­buck to wait for the oth­er mass.

What else can we say ? The songs were beau­ti­ful, the bass, which did­n’t sound like much, and slen­der, called out a beau­ti­ful Mid­night, Chris­tians a lit­tle heavy, but very man­ly. A mez­zo-sopra­no gave us a del­i­cate Hail Mary, and our small choir twirled between Car­pen­ter, Bach and The Angels in our coun­try­side. So it was a beau­ti­ful Christ­mas Mass.

Out­side, it was freez­ing. I went back home, went down to meet my friends. On the menu, oys­ters (four vari­eties), leg of lamb, two excel­lent wines, and an amaz­ing dis­cus­sion about God (which, in our opin­ion, is the mea­sure of our igno­rance). I went back to my house at 3:00 in the morning.

In short, all in all, a beau­ti­ful Christmas.

Peace on Earth to peo­ple of good­will. And for the oth­ers, I hope a lit­tle dev­il ruined the par­ty for you.