The companions

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

When coin­ci­dences come at the right time, we glad­ly speak of syn­chronic­i­ty, a term cher­ished by Jung who saw like oth­ers before him that in the move­ment of celes­tial bod­ies lay wis­dom with­out nouns, qual­i­fiers or verbs. A video (see below), about John­ny Barnes, sets the tone for what I already want­ed to say.

Today, of course, I had to talk about love, since it is offi­cial­ly the day among the West­ern peo­ples. Again this morn­ing, a friend remarked to me that I was not the type to cel­e­brate this day or any oth­er peri­od imposed by the cal­en­dar of mer­chants or companies.

Indeed, I am not in the mood to fol­low peo­ple, to do like them, to lie pri­mar­i­ly. It is also true that my feel­ings have not tak­en firm root in the hearts of oth­ers. I tried, but it’s the same for my loves as for my plants, they grow proud­ly or dry out quick­ly. I don’t have a green thumb, even if I have hands, heart, and body in love.

Don’t think my life is a desert, far from it. On the oth­er hand, I am a cau­tious type, and I have sur­round­ed myself with rel­a­tive hap­pi­ness. I’m a bit like John­ny Barnes who, against all the odds, hap­pi­ly express­es his joy at being alive.

Singer Jane Siber­ry wish­es us the same, asks us to love and be proud of our dai­ly com­pan­ions, to give them thanks, to be hap­py to be among them.

Thus, to vary­ing degrees, we have com­pan­ions in exis­tence. To them, we must not force our­selves to tell them that we love them. All it takes is a ges­ture, a smile, a hug, even a silence betrayed by eyes wis­er than our words. Love is sim­ple. I love you, I’m afraid, but you have to love you.

To love well, I believe, it is essen­tial not to per­sist in feed­ing our wounds, but to insist on being right. The uni­verse seems cru­el to us, and yet it has led us, clum­si­ly, to progress. Let us acknowl­edge our wrongs, our clum­si­ness, and let us raise our spine. Let us go in peace.

Mr. Hap­py Man de Matt Mor­ris Films sur Vimeo.