The discomfort zone

Modifié le : 2019/08/04

A few days ago, I posted a cute illustration on Facebook that showed two circles. In the first, smaller than the other, it read “Your comfort zone.” In the second, “Where the magic happens.”

An artist will immediately accept this statement, even if it is incomplete and unfair. Right, because to discover, you have to pack your bags, leave the ship, and take another one. It is unfair because it is not necessary to remake the world every time you cross a river. True, however, because even in the comfort where our life sets us up, whether in failure, achievement, misery or wealth, if we only enjoy life, we end up thickening and becoming, without us noticing, an old fool.

The subject is vast. The artist quickly judges the “ordinary person” while he risks believing that where he is, magic actually works. But he is in a dangerous area where wandering, even madness, decadence, threatens him more than it feeds him.

You can lead a quiet life and take a few minutes of your time to keep quiet, breathe comfortably, and try to see life differently. Above all, we must understand that the crises we are going through, the discomforts we feel, the depressions that overwhelm us, are all calls to repair our boat or choose another one. In the end, if we dare, we’ll stay afloat.

Do not be afraid and let live, let die. Also committing oneself to determination, discipline, facing one’s demons, not judging them, and above all enjoying life.

This is easy and dangerous to claim. But it is still worth a try.