The discomfort zone

Modifié le : 2019/08/04

A few days ago, I post­ed a cute illus­tra­tion on Face­book that showed two cir­cles. In the first, small­er than the oth­er, it read “Your com­fort zone.” In the sec­ond, “Where the mag­ic happens.”

An artist will imme­di­ate­ly accept this state­ment, even if it is incom­plete and unfair. Right, because to dis­cov­er, you have to pack your bags, leave the ship, and take anoth­er one. It is unfair because it is not nec­es­sary to remake the world every time you cross a riv­er. True, how­ev­er, because even in the com­fort where our life sets us up, whether in fail­ure, achieve­ment, mis­ery or wealth, if we only enjoy life, we end up thick­en­ing and becom­ing, with­out us notic­ing, an old fool.

The sub­ject is vast. The artist quick­ly judges the “ordi­nary per­son” while he risks believ­ing that where he is, mag­ic actu­al­ly works. But he is in a dan­ger­ous area where wan­der­ing, even mad­ness, deca­dence, threat­ens him more than it feeds him.

You can lead a qui­et life and take a few min­utes of your time to keep qui­et, breathe com­fort­ably, and try to see life dif­fer­ent­ly. Above all, we must under­stand that the crises we are going through, the dis­com­forts we feel, the depres­sions that over­whelm us, are all calls to repair our boat or choose anoth­er one. In the end, if we dare, we’ll stay afloat.

Do not be afraid and let live, let die. Also com­mit­ting one­self to deter­mi­na­tion, dis­ci­pline, fac­ing one’s demons, not judg­ing them, and above all enjoy­ing life.

This is easy and dan­ger­ous to claim. But it is still worth a try.