The eye

he pho­to went around the world, slow­er than the fury that exists so far in the uni­verse, a phe­nom­e­non as vast as our solar sys­tem, there is enough to lose its lit­tle Latin of being human.

At the time, the image did­n’t make me hot or cold. The artists had already paint­ed the look more beau­ti­ful. Then, when I read that the eye in the cen­tre was a shad­ow, that what was behind it was a cur­va­ture of space-time so strong that on its periph­ery one would see the back of its head, when I under­stood that the light sur­round­ing it could be the sum of an entire galaxy and that, visu­al­ly speak­ing, it matched the cal­cu­la­tions of the mad sci­en­tist Ein­stein, I could only acknowl­edge the grandeur of the phe­nom­e­non. Shut up too.

So I took up my refrain that the image we have of God is so obso­lete. Chances are our great igno­rance goes beyond Mohammedan visions, Jesuit­ic flog­gings, and parochial quarrels.

Nev­er­the­less, the human race, a spark emerg­ing on a spa­tial and tem­po­ral scale, is look­ing at the uni­verse’s count­less holo­caust and quan­tum views. And can’t we already feel the grav­i­ta­tion­al waves too ?

In itself, this is an even greater mir­a­cle. Should­n’t we tear up our Bibles, Korans and all these palimpses­ts of uncer­tain­ty ? Should­n’t we shut up a lit­tle and lis­ten, look at the teach­ing that writes itself before our eyes ?

The eye ? It is not unique. Maybe he’s got jaws, teeth, ener­gy crav­ings. Con­science ? She is sure­ly sen­si­tive to these waves that can nav­i­gate through the planets.

How can we believe then ? Is it not too pre­ten­tious to think that we can grasp what swal­lows us as if we were just phalens who are igno­rant of the real things ?

And you, whom I would like to have in my arms, am I not try­ing to imi­tate this eye with­out us being able to under­stand its dance ?