The eye

he photo went around the world, slower than the fury that exists so far in the universe, a phenomenon as vast as our solar system, there is enough to lose its little Latin of being human.

At the time, the image didn’t make me hot or cold. The artists had already painted the look more beautiful. Then, when I read that the eye in the centre was a shadow, that what was behind it was a curvature of space-time so strong that on its periphery one would see the back of its head, when I understood that the light surrounding it could be the sum of an entire galaxy and that, visually speaking, it matched the calculations of the mad scientist Einstein, I could only acknowledge the grandeur of the phenomenon. Shut up too.

So I took up my refrain that the image we have of God is so obsolete. Chances are our great ignorance goes beyond Mohammedan visions, Jesuitic floggings, and parochial quarrels.

Nevertheless, the human race, a spark emerging on a spatial and temporal scale, is looking at the universe’s countless holocaust and quantum views. And can’t we already feel the gravitational waves too?

In itself, this is an even greater miracle. Shouldn’t we tear up our Bibles, Korans and all these palimpsests of uncertainty? Shouldn’t we shut up a little and listen, look at the teaching that writes itself before our eyes?

The eye? It is not unique. Maybe he’s got jaws, teeth, energy cravings. Conscience? She is surely sensitive to these waves that can navigate through the planets.

How can we believe then? Is it not too pretentious to think that we can grasp what swallows us as if we were just phalens who are ignorant of the real things?

And you, whom I would like to have in my arms, am I not trying to imitate this eye without us being able to understand its dance?