The fuzzy people

Modifié le : 2019/08/07

Fuzzy peo­ple live in our dai­ly lives. We meet them, look at them for a time of desire or indif­fer­ence. Some are hap­py, oth­ers don’t know how they will make it through the day. Some will die today while the sur­vivors laugh, work, pre­pare to live or die tomor­row. More will be born.

There are more fuzzy peo­ple when it rains, or it is cold, or when rain, snow, wind chance inter­min­gles to make us bend our backs fur­ther. The peo­ple of the north are indus­tri­ous because they are cold. So much the bet­ter if, in the hol­low of their bed, they enjoy the lux­u­ry of a warm and gourmet look upon them