The great Darkness

Astrologers are excited. In January 2020, there will be an eclipse at the same time as the alignment of several celestial bodies, Pluto, Ceres, Saturn, Jupiter, without forgetting the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, they will all be at 22º Capricorn (or Cancer, the opposite sign)! The apocalypse, I tell you!

Democrats certainly don’t have a crystal ball, no matter what. Their great enemy, the Trump in all his grandeur, will suffer much during this period. It passes or breaks, I hear.

You don’t need the stars to understand that the world is not going very well. The stock market crash is not very far away either, if not earthquakes threatening us. And then, the whole planet gets hotter, minds are raw, politicians shout very, very loudly so that we don’t hear their contradictions.

We could endlessly add to the list of problems that overwhelm us and threaten us. Little Greta knows something about it. With all this, it is challenging to remain zen, not to bow down, to do something with your life.

Is the world in trouble? However, this is not much compared to the quantum whirrs of an exploding star. I am sorry that we are nothing but dazed fireflies, freudian, and dictatorial hysterias, one more than the other, that we are nothing more suicidal than liberating drives, that, like poorly made-up transvestites, we make a spectacle of ourselves on small telephone screens.

The Universe has allowed humanity to appear without paying more attention to it than that. And the men and women who inherited this cursed gift do not yet know how to rejoice, too busy imitating their creator.

It is as if, in all this splendor, there was finally only nothingness, the Great Black, and, despite the interstellar fireworks, nothing could escape the attraction of Silence.

We’ll see what happens in January 2020.