The old symbols

Modifié le : 2019/07/20

We know a lot and a lit­tle about them at the same time. Their civ­i­liza­tion is con­tem­po­rary with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Sev­er­al coun­tries report hav­ing met them, spo­ken to them. Their cities were sur­pris­ing­ly well struc­tured. The hous­es had their own latrines, wells, sewage was col­lect­ed, the king­dom was large.

It is not known whether they were gov­erned by kings or priests. Their writ­ing is still a mys­tery. When their civ­i­liza­tion van­ished, about 1,800 years before our era, there were only enig­mat­ic remains, walls still straight, irri­ga­tion canals still in use and, some­times, buried under build­ings of oth­er civ­i­liza­tions, large col­lect­ing wells around which ancient reli­gions still per­sist in engulf­ing their mysteries.

Just at the bor­ders of pre­his­to­ry, these peo­ple remind us that the human spir­it quick­ly appre­hend­ed and con­quered the world. Their ideas, their fears, their anx­i­eties, their dreams undoubt­ed­ly nour­ish our psyche.

The Indus civ­i­liza­tion has long since dis­ap­peared, it reminds us that what is one day grandiose is shrink­ing the next, that what is born is inex­orably wrapped around the great wheel of becoming.

4,000 years ago, peo­ple smiled, loved each oth­er, hoped. They cul­ti­vat­ed the land, irri­gat­ed and har­vest­ed. They were pray­ing for sure. Their souls have evap­o­rat­ed as ours will go up in smoke.

Time is not the wheat of a sin­gle sea­son. It drinks from deep rivers that dig canyons with harsh walls on which our hands cling as best as they can until they let go, in blood and with­out strength.

To look so far back, to read with­out under­stand­ing the thoughts of these ancient spir­its, how can we not real­ize that we must make peace with the future ? That our des­tiny is to move for­ward and build, not to wage war, which will always and always be in vain ?

Why is Human­i­ty tak­ing so long to anchor itself in hap­pi­ness ? After all, this time, have we under­stood nothing ?