The paradox of remembrance

Our ability to remember is an opportunity to reconnect with the essential and, in the process, forces us to clean the room of our memories of dusty emotions that make age us badly.

Rituals, photographs, encounters exist not to freeze us in time, but to remind us to live, to start again and to continue the journey. There are many discoveries, not all of them worth returning to the threshold of consciousness, but from this, only the constant mirror of time can help us to drive them out of our vision.

It is a paradoxical phenomenon to have to reflect on the past to be able to move away from it. And nowadays, the task is Dantean, ill-equipped to protect us from missile information, which a horde of ordinary dictators are trying to bombard us with.

No wonder we tire of understanding, that we become deaf, that we get tired of the most obvious, that we only wake up for shadows that have been revisited many times.

Don’t forget that you forget. Relive to die better, happy to know how to tell stories, the emotion fatally attracted by the honey of the amazing memory that governs us.