The power of my ancestors

Modifié le : 2019/07/21

It usu­al­ly goes there on days like a riv­er, nev­er the same water, always the same route. There are prayers as if they were a comet, many of them grav­i­tat­ing, few of them meet­ing our destiny.

I called this comet. I lis­tened to the omens. I was pre­dict­ed to be reborn and dis­cov­ered. I looked up to the night sky. Full moon soon. I swelled my lungs with hope. A tiny tide, mine, the one of my will.

All that poet­ry to say I have a job.

Just two days after writ­ing my Give me a job post, I received two calls from poten­tial employ­ers in a row. The next week, I was inter­viewed. The next day, I was offered a job. I accepted.

And now ver­ti­go. So the stars were right, I inflat­ed the lungs more than the full moon required, I called every­one, I breathed a deep sigh of relief.

That was the first tremor. The sec­ond was to see the enor­mi­ty of the change that was going to take place, to think about the con­se­quences of this deci­sion on the habits, both mine and those of my entourage and, cher­ry too red on a rich sun­dae, to under­stand that I had to aban­don my small but loy­al clien­tele. They were kind of count­ing on me. But to the impos­si­ble, no one is bound… they have under­stood it well.

To real­ize that, despite the prob­lems, there was still a rel­a­tive com­fort in being your own boss. That I swept away in a split sec­ond, by accept­ing this posi­tion at Spiria. The place looks nice. Beau­ti­ful offices, friend­ly peo­ple, a job tai­lored to my needs, a job I did­n’t think I would, very hon­est­ly to get.

At the end of the inter­view, I looked up at the autumn blue sky above Clark Street. I have invoked not the plan­ets, but the mem­o­ry of Hec­tor, Antoinette, Lucien and Ger­maine, my ances­tors. I don’t know if they have even vir­tu­al pow­ers. I sim­ply left it to them and told them that I would like to have the job. I liked it, but if I’m not wor­thy, well, I’ll under­stand, go.

I did­n’t promise them any­thing, but maybe I should go and lay flow­ers on their grave­side. The four of them are, not very far from each oth­er, Lucien with Ger­maine, Hec­tor with Antoinette, in a ceme­tery on the hill­side in Arthabas­ka. You’ll have to rent a car, but not right away, I have a bud­get to make. Well, I could ask them if they could roll the 649 balls in my favor. Is that too much to ask ?

The dust has to set­tle, I have to take anoth­er riv­er. I am hap­py with the change. Antoinette, Hec­tor, Lucien, Ger­maine, please don’t stay far away and, since I am still beg­ging, can you do some­thing to save the planet ?

Thank you, human­i­ty will return it to you.