The power of my ancestors

Modifié le : 2019/07/21

It usually goes there on days like a river, never the same water, always the same route. There are prayers as if they were a comet, many of them gravitating, few of them meeting our destiny.

I called this comet. I listened to the omens. I was predicted to be reborn and discovered. I looked up to the night sky. Full moon soon. I swelled my lungs with hope. A tiny tide, mine, the one of my will.

All that poetry to say I have a job.

Just two days after writing my Give me a job post, I received two calls from potential employers in a row. The next week, I was interviewed. The next day, I was offered a job. I accepted.

And now vertigo. So the stars were right, I inflated the lungs more than the full moon required, I called everyone, I breathed a deep sigh of relief.

That was the first tremor. The second was to see the enormity of the change that was going to take place, to think about the consequences of this decision on the habits, both mine and those of my entourage and, cherry too red on a rich sundae, to understand that I had to abandon my small but loyal clientele. They were kind of counting on me. But to the impossible, no one is bound… they have understood it well.

To realize that, despite the problems, there was still a relative comfort in being your own boss. That I swept away in a split second, by accepting this position at Spiria. The place looks nice. Beautiful offices, friendly people, a job tailored to my needs, a job I didn’t think I would, very honestly to get.

At the end of the interview, I looked up at the autumn blue sky above Clark Street. I have invoked not the planets, but the memory of Hector, Antoinette, Lucien and Germaine, my ancestors. I don’t know if they have even virtual powers. I simply left it to them and told them that I would like to have the job. I liked it, but if I’m not worthy, well, I’ll understand, go.

I didn’t promise them anything, but maybe I should go and lay flowers on their graveside. The four of them are, not very far from each other, Lucien with Germaine, Hector with Antoinette, in a cemetery on the hillside in Arthabaska. You’ll have to rent a car, but not right away, I have a budget to make. Well, I could ask them if they could roll the 6/49 balls in my favor. Is that too much to ask?

The dust has to settle, I have to take another river. I am happy with the change. Antoinette, Hector, Lucien, Germaine, please don’t stay far away and, since I am still begging, can you do something to save the planet?

Thank you, humanity will return it to you.