The same view

From where does this gaze come ? Whether it emanates from a cat, a bird, an insect, or a human being, its ori­gin shares no bound­aries with every­thing else. Life seems to be the sum of par­al­lel uni­vers­es, vibrat­ing to a greater or less­er extent with each other.

Where does your exis­tence begin, where does mine lie ? We seem so far away with our masks on our lips. We were already at a dis­tance when we could shake hands, touch each oth­er, bump into each oth­er unex­pect­ed­ly in the urban rush.

When you die, I will nev­er have reached the depths of your ocean. I may have caressed you, kissed you, and even made you come. You will have done the same with me and the oth­ers. You will have pet­ted a dog, con­versed with dol­phins or octo­pus­es, and your real­i­ty will have been, for me, only an approx­i­ma­tion, a guess of what you will have experienced.

The human species will have done great and small things before it dies out. When the Earth resem­bles a Mar­t­ian desert, the depth of each con­scious­ness will have turned into a star or dark matter.

It is said that it is pos­si­ble that the whole uni­verse is one con­scious­ness man­i­fest­ing in so many quan­tum vibrations.

How then to pray ? Is this a cos­mic con­stant or a stub­born uncer­tain­ty ? Will we ever have the same view on things ?