The small steps

Modifié le : 2019/08/07

I took about ten pictures this morning; they are the same as yesterday just as they are different. Everyday life is a river. I had a lot of dreams too. People from a hardware store came to see if I didn’t have some parts left that could help them rebuild something. A Canada Post marching band (it’s a dream!) on my balcony. Then, after being surprised by their presence, I turned my attention to my kitchen. It’s back in the same condition before my renovations. I looked around me, all the parts already rebuilt have returned to their original state, and everything is in tatters, rubbish everywhere. There were a few dogs, I went down to the ground floor to tell my neighbor, but I surprised him with another man. I got up immediately, looked under the sink. A timer seemed to have been installed. I was trying to fix it for the future, but nothing worked. I was forced to start my work all over again. I woke up in anguish, happy to see that it was only a dream.

It is said that, to interpret dreams, the mind must be allowed to jump to all possible conclusions without dwelling on them. This exercise seems to me to be similar to Buddhist instructions which require constant doubt. Yet I was happy to wake up and cling to the reality I had patiently built. This is a beautiful paradox because I was writing just yesterday that I aspired to the new, to the different, to magic.

Does a traveler, a living person, who always returns to the same place, only manage his boredom? Does a walker in the city only repeat his desires?

It’s not essential, but we still must not accumulate too many memories, always sort, wear new clothes with each glance that we freeze in our minds. Then, the work, ever to be started over, will appear to us as a deliverance.

Work? Didn’t I say I needed a vacation? This early morning in Sunday clothes is as confused as my dream. That’s probably a good thing. I have the ocean in my lungs. As I was reading somewhere, don’t think, just breath. Happy those who have the patience of taking small steps, who at the same time dream of drinking from the elixir of their passions.