The sound

I often talk about my singing with­out any­one real­ly hear­ing it. Today, at my teacher’s sug­ges­tion, I reg­is­tered. O pain of detect­ing every­thing that is wrong. How­ev­er, one thing remains, I now reach the B, the C. Of course, we are talk­ing about notes from an ama­teur, who self-cul­ti­vates for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to express himself.

I usu­al­ly start my warm-ups with an ascent and descent that I dare to pub­lish here. The record­ing is worth what it is worth, com­ing from an iPhone, the voice is nasty at times, the notes not always right, the voice is fear­ful, the breath too short. How­ev­er, not to make these climbs and descents for five min­utes is worth all the ther­a­pies in the world.