Third refusal

Modifié le : 2019/08/05

The refusal came on Mon­day, by a terse email.

After care­ful­ly read­ing your man­u­script enti­tled Les Mailles san­guines, the read­ing com­mit­tee of the edi­tions… did not select it for publication.

Nev­er­the­less, we wish you the best of luck with our col­leagues and thank you for hav­ing entrust­ed us with your manuscript.


I did not announce it right away, not out of embar­rass­ment, but out of mod­esty. I also want­ed to under­stand bet­ter what would hap­pen to me. No one likes fail­ure, and even less me who had an easy life on this side. If the next few hours were trou­bled, I slow­ly lift­ed my head up.

I know that my man­u­script (type­script stub­born­ly says my for­mer edi­tor, for the sake of con­for­mi­ty with real­i­ty) must be reworked. I have already reread, some­times rewrit­ten 24 of the 81 chap­ters. I am sur­prised by my patience and hap­py to see that I am not dis­cour­aged any­more. I took time to write Les Mailles san­guines, I was vague in time, I expe­ri­enced some­thing else. If you don’t write every day, your fin­gers and ideas fall asleep. It is like the body that we leave to comfort.

These refusals force me to cool my eyes, to sym­bol­i­cal­ly become a pub­lish­er, some­one who has read a lot and who no longer sur­pris­es him­self for much.

And if I always look up, it is because 1) yes, I am obsti­nate, 2) this text reflects my soul, the char­ac­ters reveal the most inti­mate cor­ners of my life, and I must, there­fore, go all the way. That’s it, the worst thing that can hap­pen to all of us is to give up along the way.

Of the three refusals received, I pre­fer the sec­ond, that of the big pub­lish­ing house, which was the only one to tell me a lit­tle some­thing and which asks me to come back to them once the text has been reworked.

As for the oth­er two, they obvi­ous­ly owe me noth­ing, but I find them lazy as hell, or cau­tious. Since you are a pub­lish­er, have courage, do not hes­i­tate to hurt the authors with the sword of your opin­ions. You’re prob­a­bly right and wrong, it does­n’t mat­ter. How­ev­er, it is not by remain­ing polit­i­cal­ly cor­rect that you will raise the lev­el of lit­er­a­ture here. Oth­er­wise, if you per­sist like this, it means that you are only bureaucrats.