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This taste for immobility

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Suddenly, the house makes a crackling sound. I immediately open my eyes. I, who already have trouble falling asleep, my senses immediately return to their vigil. Outside, like violent fire smoke, the clouds cross the horizon of the window. I’m trying to get back to sleep, but the damage is done.

Digestion is also not going well. It contributes to anxiety, a bad fat around the abdomen when I seem to overeat. It is only the liver, I guess, that takes its time to proceed with the duck fat that was used for cooking the potatoes of the last meal. As we are a whole, contaminated engine oils likely disrupt fragile brain operations.

So it was the mess in my head. This morning, the sky turned blue, the air is cold. The high winds of the night were only the manifestation of the temperature change. I still have a lot to do today, got up a little late, my legs are crossed, my back well supported by pillows.

This taste for immobility that we experience, a wise man from Asia has made it his nirvana. Although my apartment is still in a beautiful mess, I tie my thought to this calm water of doing nothing and giving thanks. Every moment can contain a storm, a cyclone. Each moment also has a center, an eye, a vision of surprising calm. I find the courage to go back to the wind.

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