Those difficult times

Modifié le : 2019/07/13

The fan, on the ceil­ing, the tur­bine at full speed. A piece of soft tech­no music seems to feed him. Out­side, the storm is roar­ing. It’s the sec­ond of the day in as many hours… The sky is dark­en­ing. It will soon rain anoth­er flood.

Our mod­ern days are no excep­tion. Vio­lence blushed the screens, Poké­mon’s fury entered the dance among the machine guns. Every­one on the street, but not for the same rea­sons. Dic­ta­tors swirl their mega­phones around, sit­ting on the cush­ions of lib­er­tar­i­an democ­ra­cy. Rock groups become bel­liger­ent to protest against the bel­liger­ents, intel­lec­tu­als blink, scratch their heads or their skin, so much the dis­com­fort of the peo­ples dis­turbs them. Peo­ple are sad, they are poor, bil­lion­aires say they are angry for them. What else ?

My old man would tell me there’s noth­ing new in the sun. Bud­dha, on the oth­er hand, would only smile at me with his lips so hor­i­zon­tal that we don’t know if they are bit­ter or sweet.

Then the peo­ples, the jour­nal­ists, the hal­lu­ci­nat­ed of God rely on fate and prayers as if every­thing that hap­pens must hap­pen, as if every­thing that hap­pens is already the nth time the wheel turns, as if our hopes are only the ner­vous steam of lava dying of cold.

These are dif­fi­cult times. Should I say so or should I attach an excla­ma­tion or ques­tion mark to it ?

I can’t say too much, as I always do, even if I man­age to embroi­der all these very per­son­al sen­tences. At the begin­ning of this text, I was going to talk about the weath­er once again, after watch­ing a pro­found doc­u­men­tary, The End of Time. Times are dif­fi­cult, of course, but time is also a mys­tery. We are only the per­cep­tion of this world. I encour­age you to watch this long film, which goes a lit­tle in all direc­tions, but which still has the qual­i­ty to take us in all these directions…

Trail­er : The End of Time (2012) from Grimthor­pe Film on Vimeo.