Trials and errors

Modifié le : 2019/08/07

It has been estab­lished that it is gen­er­al­ly the strongest that sur­vives. Let’s be clear, phys­i­cal strength has noth­ing to do with it. Depend­ing on the con­text, the cun­ning, inge­nu­ity, imag­i­na­tion of the sur­vivors, or only their num­ber, work in both direc­tions. Dom­i­nant males are fooled by back­yard rats more often than you think. In some fish, ear­ly ejac­u­la­tors sneak into the excel­lent sperm pool in no time, do their job and run away just as quick­ly. In some birds, females choose the right out­fit­ters but secret­ly accept advances of the most beau­ti­ful col­ors. In short, every­one tries, not every­one who suc­ceeds, at the most potent strat­e­gy (it looks like a descrip­tion of the mafia and pol­i­tics). As a gen­er­al rule, but I am not a spe­cial­ist to say it, the weak, the sick, the elder­ly are left behind. No mat­ter what trick or force is used, only those who can play the game are giv­en a chance. The oth­ers get eat­en faster.

In a twist­ed fable, I wrote about this theme in Crev­er mon fils. In humans, it is a par­tic­u­lar fea­ture that the weak sur­vive. No mat­ter what is said or done, in the so-called devel­oped coun­tries, soci­ety takes care of the wound­ed, the dis­abled, those who seem to pro­duce noth­ing. There is a very grey area in our func­tion­ing. On the one hand, they are left there, ready to be devoured by fate (which is no longer inter­est­ed in them), and on the oth­er hand, we are reluc­tant to aban­don them. We will say that we have evolved and that we have gone beyond the ani­mal stage and that we must thus give glo­ry (to God or to the cos­mos) to our human­i­ty, that our good con­science is our plank of sal­va­tion. I don’t believe that. A pre­ten­tious spir­it who believes he has freed him­self from Nature.

Indeed, the human race is excep­tion­al, dom­i­nates the plan­et, nev­er ceas­es to invent and pro­duce won­ders. It pos­sess­es this refine­ment to under­stand suf­fer­ing and tries to save those who seem doomed to drown from sinking.

How­ev­er, cling­ing to the shad­ow of this same race, vio­lence con­tin­ues, and indif­fer­ence is total. That is the para­dox. Man always remains a wolf for Man, Woman can be a Rome that is just as blood­thirsty and con­quer­ing. And that is why, despite our good inten­tions, the fail­ures are quick­ly removed from our minds.

Our speech is full of flow­ers, but our actions, those that real­ly mat­ter, cross their fin­gers behind their backs know­ing full well that they will not keep such promis­es. The game of tri­al and error con­tin­ues. Do we real­ly know the rules ?