Trump • The battle begins?

The impeachment proceedings initiated against Trump seem to be reflected in his birth chart. Reading for astrologers, an opening to dialogue with them.


Jupiter opposition Uranus => Impeachment inquiry begins. Jupiter will triggers the Sun/Moon opposition (Trump was born on a shadowed Full Moon (during the day)). The uniqueness of his personnality (and actions) is coming to light. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, but also of judgment of past actions/attitude. Opposition of Uranus, on the MC Sector (status in the world), suggests challenge of this status. Legal problems. While Trump could always count on his strong Jupiter, the arrival of heafty Pluto and Saturn in the battlefield will probably shake Trump’s castle. The war just begins?


November 2019

Pluto = Mars/Uranus => Force, violent interventions, higher power.

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January-February 2020

Pluto = Mars/Dragon’s Head => The performance of joint record achievements, a violent or forced separation of a partnership or union.
Saturn = Mars/Dragon’s Head => Disadvantages or difficulties through unions or associations. Separation.
Saturn = Mercury/Pluton => Nervous irritation through over-work, the exposure to heavy and bitter attacks. Separation.
Pluto = Venus/Saturn => Unusually strong tension in love-relationship, temporary or passing states of chaos.
Saturn = Sun/Ascendant => Difficulties in public life.

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2019 Solar return


Trump’s natal chart