Walking and anger

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

Although the morning heralded a cold and generous sun, the clouds quickly appeared and softened the sky. It was a pleasant walk on Mount Royal with two people I love very much, Elias and Yves.

Elias arrived a little over three months ago, thirty years ago, a child of war. We quickly understand with him what pain is among peoples. As for Yves, my dear Yves, he is a man I would have liked to love for myself alone, but who is already taken. I’m already privileged to be his best friend, and that’s enough for me. In short, all the happiness of being with them.

We discussed everything, Yves and I tried to explain as honestly as possible, I hope, what Quebec is (different from what the misleading Ministry of Immigration is trying to demonstrate). He told us his story, the vice of extremism (he is a Christian Arab), his experience of Saudi Arabia, his career as a nurse, etc.

He is one of those immigrants who integrate quickly and are ready to help. A beautiful example of courage that reminded Yves and me of how much we Quebecers live in a land of peace and comfort, and that gives me the desire to go on a crusade against all those madmen of God who believe they can usurp the freedom of others to hide their own ignorance. We really should burn all these so-called holy books that all these bastards claim to know how to read (and the list is long, both in Rome,  in Tel Aviv via Riyadh and I don’t know where).

I am in holy anger this morning, I am tired of this hatred, I want to live and love. Why is our protest against injustice so asleep?