Walking and anger

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

Although the morn­ing her­ald­ed a cold and gen­er­ous sun, the clouds quick­ly appeared and soft­ened the sky. It was a pleas­ant walk on Mount Roy­al with two peo­ple I love very much, Elias and Yves.

Elias arrived a lit­tle over three months ago, thir­ty years ago, a child of war. We quick­ly under­stand with him what pain is among peo­ples. As for Yves, my dear Yves, he is a man I would have liked to love for myself alone, but who is already tak­en. I’m already priv­i­leged to be his best friend, and that’s enough for me. In short, all the hap­pi­ness of being with them.

We dis­cussed every­thing, Yves and I tried to explain as hon­est­ly as pos­si­ble, I hope, what Que­bec is (dif­fer­ent from what the mis­lead­ing Min­istry of Immi­gra­tion is try­ing to demon­strate). He told us his sto­ry, the vice of extrem­ism (he is a Chris­t­ian Arab), his expe­ri­ence of Sau­di Ara­bia, his career as a nurse, etc.

He is one of those immi­grants who inte­grate quick­ly and are ready to help. A beau­ti­ful exam­ple of courage that remind­ed Yves and me of how much we Que­be­cers live in a land of peace and com­fort, and that gives me the desire to go on a cru­sade against all those mad­men of God who believe they can usurp the free­dom of oth­ers to hide their own igno­rance. We real­ly should burn all these so-called holy books that all these bas­tards claim to know how to read (and the list is long, both in Rome, in Tel Aviv via Riyadh and I don’t know where).

I am in holy anger this morn­ing, I am tired of this hatred, I want to live and love. Why is our protest against injus­tice so asleep ?