We belong only to everyone and only to ourselves

Modifié le : 2019/08/08

I am, of course, alone in this world, my mind sug­gests to me every morn­ing. When it wakes up, it analy­ses the state of the body, usu­al­ly for­gets to tell me about it, prob­a­bly keeps the best of it to itself. When I swell my lungs, I only per­ceive my pres­ence there, when I am hun­gry, it is for my only interest.

When I lean against one skin, when I dis­cov­er the pres­ence of anoth­er, it is nec­es­sar­i­ly for­eign. This is how love and friend­ship are ignit­ed ; this is also how hatred aris­es, from these sparks caused by dif­fer­ences. The oth­er is hell, Sartre said, and hell has its source in igno­rance. When we broad­en the cir­cle of our con­sid­er­a­tions, the geo­gra­phies of the bat­tle water down. We belong to every­one and to our­selves, this is the con­tra­dic­tion to cher­ish. Becom­ing aware of our belong­ing to oth­ers, know­ing that we depend both on the heav­ens we love, but also on the ravines we fear, is a gigan­tic task. We sur­vive on this Earth because our species works for us.

Should we then love every­one ? In a way, yes, even if that is impos­si­ble. There are still too many jerks on this plan­et, so don’t ask too much. How­ev­er, haven’t our cer­tain­ties caused more blood­shed than our ques­tions ? If, at day­break, our spir­it tem­pered its desires a lit­tle bit, even for a few moments of dreams, that it dressed humbly for a pure grat­i­tude and if, all day long, it took care to keep, well pro­tect­ed in its lantern, the lit­tle flame of good­ness, would­n’t our peo­ple be rev­o­lu­tion­ar­i­ly col­ored and changed ?