We, the exiles

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

I can understand believers who fight so that their faith is not trivialized, so that it is not regimented in a banal compartment of things, namely among many others. I thus understand those parents who fight in court so that their children are not “polluted” by ideas that, at the very least, will put into perspective the doctrines they are trying to teach in the young brains they have created.

We can also understand people who are afraid that the beautiful French language will disappear from Quebec territory, that the persistence of immigrants to want to speak English, the only external language they have learned anyway, will weaken the syntax and ancient complexities.

There are threats everywhere, and there will always be. In the old days, it was so easy, they say. One religion, one conviction, one language. There have been invaders, we had to speak English here, and we are still fighting for French to take root. Our economic prison was thus symbolic protection, it has woven us together and tight.

And now what? It is unclear on all fronts and people, unaccustomed to understanding things, feel exiled in their own country. The oceanic reality of cultural diversity is eroding faster than expected, such as undue global warming, the cliffs where we had erected our thin attics.

It is similar to the Middle Ages when, although everything was difficult, sometimes barbaric, spirits were awakening, and soon found volcanic certainties that would give rise to the Revolutions, that of the mind, science, the heart and, finally, industry.

People who are afraid do not seem to understand that otherness is undoubtedly a source of confrontation, but also of enrichment that, if it can remove the varnish of so many beliefs and dogmas, it is well to discover older layers, more fundamental truths.

Behind each God, Allah and the other blah blah blah, hide questions. Behind every scientific discovery, every technological advance, lies the human will to move forward. Goodness is more significant than it seems. Truth does not belong to us, and we know it well, because we fight not for it, but generally for simple modalities. Everyone is wrong and right.

Almost a century ago, people on this planet began to believe that we could go back to Fundamentals, to create a just and human society for ourselves, on a global scale. Later, after the Second Great Butchery, we tried the exercise again. The United Nations was born. But the Great Mistakes have persisted and, because of the Internet, we can see their waste everywhere.

It is usual for people to be afraid, they want to go back, to their comfortable hamlets, with their local god who dictates everything and who does not allow, in principle, injustices.

However, we should assume our exile and have true faith in humanity. Happiness is simple, and it is our fears that spoil everything. We should love travel and uncertainty because if it is while exploring that youth is formed. It is high time that the hearts of men take a break.