We will have walked on Earth

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

We’ll have a white veil in Mon­tre­al for Christ­mas. It will have been a cold night, but it is get­ting milder. In a few hours, I will return to the tra­di­tion of the mid­night mass, which is no longer mid­night because it is too late to pray to the good God at this hour.

I’ve nev­er had the fiber of the sched­uled events, and it does­n’t get bet­ter (or worse, depend­ing on) over time. Christ­mas is for me the time when my clients go on vaca­tion, leav­ing me with work to do while they are away. The end of the year is also the time to see how much I will have to pay in tax­es and won­der if I should­n’t make some kind of expense for the “office.”

The hol­i­days mark the pass­ing of time, and it is time to wish us all the best on Earth. What would hap­pen if, dai­ly, we want­ed each oth­er the same ? What if, over time, our “hel­lo” and “good evening,” “good­night” were for­mu­lat­ed with enthu­si­asm, even with spirituality ?

What if life, our trace, became the renewed priest­hood of find­ing our hap­pi­ness and that of others ?

Would­n’t we need Christ­mas or New Year’s Day to remind our­selves of that ? Maybe not. After all, every oppor­tu­ni­ty is good to have a drink…