We would like to protest

Modifié le : 2019/07/27

We would like to protest. Men on the plan­et seem to avoid going in cir­cles. A war here, a lib­er­a­tion there, exploita­tion here, dom­i­na­tion there. Ideas, the soup of all our aspi­ra­tions, do not taste the same in each oth­er’s kitchen.

We will say that it is only a Dar­win­ian strug­gle for the sur­vival of the fittest. There is undoubt­ed­ly a lit­tle bit of truth ; after all, we are only a bread­crumb trail, or even a frag­ile and dead spi­der trail. The uni­verse moves by rules of which we are bare­ly aware.

I am sur­prised, how­ev­er, at our deter­mi­na­tion to com­pli­cate things. When men live by love, says the poet, there will be no more mis­ery. It is sim­ple, hope­ful, but complete.

How­ev­er, it seems more nat­ur­al to make it com­pli­cat­ed, because if not, how else could Shake­speare have writ­ten his dra­mas ? How could we get drunk ?

It may be that, despite all our good inten­tions, we feel this inex­orable empti­ness that is our finite­ness and that, despite our sin­cer­i­ty, we come to sub­mit to our igno­rances, because we are tired of want­i­ng to under­stand, that it is, there­fore, eas­i­er to stop our ques­tions by nam­ing them blind­ly by all the grace­ful names that bring us to the Spirit.

We are weak. Our fall is recount­ed in many sanc­ti­fied books. It does not seem to be the time yet when we will under­stand these mysteries.

Nev­er­the­less, we would like to protest, we want to fight for a lit­tle hap­pi­ness, with all the jus­tice that is ours. Let us for­get the Nation, let us return to the neces­si­ty of the Heart.

Words in upper­case. There are still many sto­ries to tell. It is the poet who must be happy.