Where to go?

I sleep at night not knowing what to do with my body. I, the hyperactive one, look more like a cucumber that absorbs all the time it needs before ending up in a salad. To say that my life is boring would be a lie, to say that it is abhorrent would be presumptuous. My life is what it is in its ordinary and in its great smallness.

I am still trying to shake this lethargy even if the list of things I should do is getting longer. The finish of my apartment became a nice joke that people keep telling me from time to time, I was good at photography and I dropped out, I was good at romance and I have no plans in that direction, I was good at singing and I quit the choir.

My sister Dominique told me that I had to accept that things had to end in order to start new ones. I agree, but I don’t like to leave it out either. I like to go all the way with my adventures.

It may not yet be time to go back on a trip, I may have to draw the framework of a garden, I may have to cultivate the land a little, sow it and see what happens. There’s no point in running, you have to start on time. Whoever risks nothing has nothing. Help yourself and the sky will help you. Have I become that too old that makes me want to lengthen proverbs?

Nenni. I chirp because I left in the shadows this part of the original youth that nourished me. I agreed to reduce my colors to better weather the storm. It will have to come back to haunt me. My ghosts, dreams, and desires are my survival.

Where to go?

Probably nowhere, because where I look for myself is where I live, I am. No-fuss.