Winter has arrived. Time to count. The waiting.

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

It’s always like that, win­ter comes rough­ly dur­ing the hol­i­days. There will undoubt­ed­ly be a thaw, but in the minds of many, this peri­od marks the end of recess. Jan­u­ary and Feb­ru­ary we will give a taste of their med­i­cine, but it won’t be any worse.

The light of the sky in win­ter still com­forts. I pre­fer this icy blue to a more Parisian gray­ness. I also intend to take a real break from my com­put­er crav­ings, if only for a day and will go to Mount Roy­al this afternoon.

I just did my accounts. It has been a good year finan­cial­ly, but no more. I should put my finances in less greedy hands than mine…

I have a bour­geois artist’s greed. I also still live in this hum­ble expec­ta­tion of those who have sub­mit­ted a text to pub­lish­ers who nat­u­ral­ly take their time. It has now been two months since I sent them Les Mailles san­guines. It’s still short, espe­cial­ly since there’s the excite­ment of the many book fairs. I don’t real­ly have any expe­ri­ence in a man­u­script sub­mis­sion. I was rel­a­tive­ly lucky on this sub­ject, as chance put me on the right peo­ple’s path.

I don’t dare to reopen this text, but I have trou­ble think­ing about any­thing else. I am ready to redesign it, to refine it, to make it even more beau­ti­ful. I tell myself that if at the end of Jan­u­ary, it is refused or even, worse, ignored stu­pid­ly, I will con­sole myself by revis­ing it again and, stub­born­ly, will believe that it is worth publishing.

Maybe I should have received com­mu­nion at mid­night mass to please the good Lord… Is this thing still working ?