Among the stars — 2020/10/09

Reality is an illusion, it is said because our mind is a great interpreter of its stimuli. Consciousness is not what we are, but what we think of ourselves.


The idea of the brain — 2020/09/16

The search to understand who and why we exist goes back as far as the idea we have of ourselves. When and how the human being became conscious of himself, when and how the rest of nature equipped itself with mechanisms for apprehending reality, we know very little about it.


The cauldron — 2019/12/11

Our brain has two antennas. One, like jellyfish filaments, captures the moods of the swell and the tides. The other, younger, seeks danger and prepares for battle, or invents a quantum theory that can amaze us in the arms of a drunken male mermaid.


Forgetting — 2011/12/28

Memory is a faculty that forgets, and that's good. Anandamide is a bit of a factor, a close relative of THC that is so popular with marijuana enthusiasts.