The great river — 2021/05/23

A few weeks ago, I watched the television series 'Emily Dickinson' on Apple+, an amusing and touching retelling of the poet’s early literary years. I only knew her by name. According to my research, the series does not seem to deviate from the truth, even though it had to invent what was never known about the writer’s life.


Covid, the cat — 2020/09/29

He showed up at the neighbors’ house at the end of March 2020. The province had just gone into containment mode. There were rumors that cats were spreading COVID-19, another of those stories that, like toilet paper, occupied people’s minds for a while.


The Path is Everywhere — 2019/08/18

I read part of The Path is Everywhere, Uncovering the Jewels Hidden Within You. It is worth transcribing the cover text here.


No boyfriend, no dog, no cat — 2019/07/13

Who am I, by the way? I jokingly exclaimed while putting the cutlery in my neighbors' dishwasher. And one of them answered me: "No boyfriend, no dog, no cat".


Three little kittens, purring — 2018/06/13

If we have to take life as it comes while reflecting on what it will happen and what it brings to me, on what it has given me, on who I have been since the beginning of my time, if we have to constantly think about this and at the same time give time time time to be time, I wanted to tell the story of these kittens, what they have been for me and what they will no longer be, what they will be too.


Like a cat — 2017/10/29

I saw his silhouette crossing the branches. He was backing away from me, working near what is probably the kitchen table. I stopped for a while, like a cat in love with the movement that takes place in front of him.


Steve Jobs in dreams — 2014/09/25

Don't ask me when my dream began. I can tell you that it must have been 6:30 in the morning. Its roots go back in part to the day before, when I did not deal with a cat, but with Fido, my telephone company. I renewed my contract and took the opportunity to get the latest Apple product, the iPhone 6.