Two small slits — 2021/08/29

About ninety years ago, let's say about a hundred years ago, an experiment changed the concept of reality. Einstein himself did not dare to believe it. The experiment was based on Thomas Young's 1801 experiment, which showed that light was a wave. It is pretty simple.


The time that hurts us — 2021/08/22

It’s like time has hurt me, I tell you. Or maybe it’s just the heat that weighs down my days. I find myself endlessly watching the clouds. If they are only moving, they end up coming back to the same shapes, puffed up like foam. Sometimes the sky is clear, occasionally grey, like a tornado, but the cumulus clouds take over at the slightest opportunity.


The same view — 2021/04/10

From where does this gaze come? Whether it emanates from a cat, a bird, an insect, or a human being, its origin shares no boundaries with everything else. Life seems to be the sum of parallel universes, vibrating to a greater or lesser extent with each other.


Among the stars — 2020/10/09

Reality is an illusion, it is said because our mind is a great interpreter of its stimuli. Consciousness is not what we are, but what we think of ourselves.


This unspeakable conscience — 2012/12/23

I have completed reading Phi: A Voyage from the Brain to the Soul. Its author, Giulio Tononi, psychiatrist and researcher, presents us with an original book. Instead of spreading his hypotheses in a learned way, he chooses to tell us, through multiple stories, Galileo's peregrinations in his quest for a definition of consciousness.