Effet Casimir


Coda and ministry — 2013/05/04

Le sort en est jeté, comme aurait dit l’autre. Le manuscrit final est entre les mains de VLB, le tout envoyé vendredi matin, par courriel. J’ai cherché les bonnes phrases, le bon ton pour décrire ce que j’avais fait, rassuré l’éditrice que je n’avais pas bousculé le texte, mais seulement passé l’émeri… lui expliquer que cette démarche avait été entreprise avec l’aide de Périg avant que je reçoive leur accord, qu’à partir de maintenant, je n’interviendrais sur le texte qu’à leur seule demande, etc.


To print or not to print — 2012/09/27

A reader of the moment gleaned from a closed Internet network, tells me he really likes Les Années-rebours. He borrowed it from the library. He would have liked to have bought it, in real life, in this paper that is beginning to fail us, among writers.


Insomnia - The clash of words — 2012/08/05

Maybe it's the humidity and heat, perhaps there will have been too much wine, maybe I've revised too much L'Effet Casimir, a little bit of that. Sleep was not coming. My old text causes me some problems. I am surprised that the publisher at the time allowed so many mistakes to pass. It is true that in his very early publishing days, he did everything by himself.


The same stories — 2012/07/25

I'm rereading L'Effet Casimir. In preparation for its electronic publication, I thought of a new cover page, but with the painting of Sylvie Laliberté, a friend at the time from whom I had modestly bought the reproduction rights. This painting is essential to the story, as it is described and represents the theme well.


On my balcony — 2012/07/23

Je me suis acheté une chaise longue. Ça et l'achat de ma planche à repasser il y a deux semaines, cela semble être le signal que je commence à m'installer vraiment dans ma maison, après quatre ans et demie...


The fragility of the end — 2011/10/17

I accomplished what I imposed on myself two months ago, which was to reread and recompose the entire novel... before moving on to the last chapter. The end has long been thought and rethought. I still had to go around the garden again to keep in mind all the unifying elements.