All the sailors — 2018/11/18

I have spent a lot of time in my bed, it seems to me, in the last year or two. I let Neptune teach me the lessons of invisibility, or rather the art of listening to the great Nothing/All - we may never know how to name our ignorance -. Then I patiently listened to Saturn remind me that I was at this stage of life or what is being created is a memory of what has already been created. It's Jupiter's turn, who wants me to fill my sails.


Faded fables — 2012/09/20

If happy people have no history, it is because every day they are amazed by the happiness they experience. To my companion, Peter, for this astonishment and miracle so sweet.


Walking and anger — 2011/12/27

Although the morning heralded a cold and generous sun, the clouds quickly appeared and softened the sky. It was a pleasant walk on Mount Royal with two people I love very much, Elias and Yves.


On Friendship — 2011/11/12

I learned this morning that two of my great friends are in wrong terms, a kind of shortness of breath from their camaraderie. The first would have hurt the second for, in fact, perhaps a little nothing, and the second to express his pain would, in turn, hurt the first. Analyzed from the outside, we could easily laugh at the situation when we realize that the discomfort is still there and that it will have finally scratched the varnish.