Slightly, the pain — 2013/06/24

Entire days to live. Huge hours to fill. My mind, happy, but tormented, opens its hands wide. I have difficulty describing my feelings, my sensations as if a cyclone would fall on the few certainties that serve as my conscience. I am just finishing a reading on Nietzsche's thinking and getting ready to start an introduction to existentialism. I want to know where the thinking stands on this point.


Their Daddy — 2012/03/19

One could easily believe, from reading these "promenades," that my days are an insistent ars moriendi. Yesterday was the second funeral of the year for us, my uncle, Bruno, past away, and there is so much to say.


The grief of others — 2011/12/19

I went to the funeral of my cousin Christian, who died prematurely at 35. Since the family on my mother's side is very large, I have many cousins I don't know, including this Christian whom I probably saw just two or three times, and at a very young age. I only saw him once, as an adult, about ten years ago. He was a very handsome man. End of story.