Of the need to love — 2020/10/03

I had just gotten on the elliptical, and, as I started pedaling, I was looking for something to look at on Netflix. I didn’t have a taste for comedy, I had also just finished watching a documentary on the American religious movement The Family. I typed "gay" in the search.


I killed a bird — 2015/04/06

Despite what they say, the Internet is an inexhaustible source of intensity. If there are decoys, they are no different from what is happening in real life. The Internet is real life too. How many people live in their bubble, even if it is not connected to the network? The Internet is just a magnifying glass. If we agree to watch, we can feed on it for a long time.


Quiet homophobia — 2011/11/25

Fundamentalists, whether they come from frightening countries or from our parishes that are dying, remain fundamentalists, people who, if they do not want to compose and understand the world, divert it.