Poisoning — 2021/05/19

My only refuge, my soul, my breath is worried. I don’t know what to say to my thirst. Cloistered in my comfort, I sense danger as if the crust beneath my feet had already begun to tremble long before my senses alerted me to it.


The blades of Morpheus — 2013/09/09

The spirit emerges from its sleeping water, moved by an already forgotten fear. I light the little lamp on the bedside table; my eyes do not want to accept the light right away; it is not their time, this light is not the day's light, it is not normal.


The river and humility — 2013/02/04

Night comes back to haunt the city. It's time for bed. I am still amazed at this time that passes without me being able to take a few nourishing sips.


The cauldrons of insomnia — 2012/12/30

Insomnia looks like daylight. Excited, the mind perceives every glow, hears every noise, feels every mood. The reason is broad, intoxicated for causes that reach the heart. In reality, the mind listens to its body.


The struggle — 2012/10/08

What about those empty hours of the night, when you wake up, tense, between two breaths and two dreams, between two rounds of a game that is repeated and never won?


Insomnia - The clash of words — 2012/08/05

Maybe it's the humidity and heat, perhaps there will have been too much wine, maybe I've revised too much L'Effet Casimir, a little bit of that. Sleep was not coming. My old text causes me some problems. I am surprised that the publisher at the time allowed so many mistakes to pass. It is true that in his very early publishing days, he did everything by himself.


Unfaithful sleep — 2012/02/05

At midnight, my eyes stare at the shadows thrown against the wall by the streetlight across the street. Two hours earlier, I had fallen asleep quickly, but the swell of my thoughts or the tectonics of slow digestion, probably both at the same time, quickly get the better of sleep, which, as a good infidel, changes bed at the slightest annoyance.


This taste for immobility — 2012/01/29

Suddenly, the house makes a crackling sound. I immediately open my eyes. I, who already have trouble falling asleep, my senses immediately return to their vigil. Outside, like violent fire smoke, the clouds cross the horizon of the window. I'm trying to get back to sleep, but the damage is done.