Understanding Life after Death — 2022/05/15

I certainly wouldn't have read this book if it hadn't been for the recommendation of the philosopher Bernardo Kastrup. Already the title may raise some eyebrows.


It is inscribed — 2021/11/20

It inscribes itself in the wet soil the end of another season. Water and death go well together. The cold that sets in is a slow poison that transforms the dream of living things.


The torch — 2020/07/18

The weekends follow one another and look alike; the other days of the week are no different. My boredom, with its head on the shoulder of my astonishment, observes my passion, my fire, dwindling as if it were only wise to let go, as if the embers tasted better than the direct flame.


The fear — 2020/03/18

Since Friday, my company’s employees have been assigned to work from home. The subway trains look like hungry snakes; we don’t know if what crawls into their bellies are victims, reckless people, or just ordinary citizens struggling with their lonely destiny


The ant and the highway — 2016/12/24

The blank page still invites me to spread my moods. No matter how much I talk about silence and winter, my mind, although tired, is constantly moving in spring.