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Five minutes sitting in silence

C’est une lutte de tous les instants que de réaliser que la vie apporte la mort en retour. La réalité est impitoyable comme un mystère. On s’y plie où on s’y casse tandis que les philosophes se noient dans leur propre sang de mots, que les prophètes croient dur comme leurs os que ce qui est n’est pas ce qui devrait, que les artistes et les clowns endimanchent leurs béquilles... — 2017/12/09

Luminous clock

The sun casts its light daily on me, on us and on you. My gaze inevitably turns on me, on us, on you. The existence is incredible, the reality so pregnant, beautiful, implacable, heavy, uncompromising. — 2016/04/09

Whatever is inaccessible

Whatever is inaccessible sculpts the sand of our dreams. The lover in the distance, the one you don't have or the one you would like to know, the glory of hard work or luck, money, eternal life. We would like Chance to do things right, for appointments to be magical, for our daily lives to sprout peace. — 2015/07/16

The spiral

Feeling that life has stopped beating, that everything continues to move around you, but not knowing which direction the wind has chosen to go. The mind constantly comes up against one of its four walls, not perceiving how to desire, conclude or talk. The body, for its part, shows marked signs of fatigue. — 2014/10/03

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