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Sitting there

A colleague asked me this week how things were going for me. I took the time to smile, to look at him. "When I go to bed, I try to see myself there, in front of me, sitting on a cushion. And when I wake up, I try to see if I’m still sitting in that place." — 2019/10/13

Breathing through the nose

Qui ne s’est pas fait dire au moins une fois dans sa vie de respirer par le nez? Cet appel au calme cache une bien simple sagesse. J’ai téléchargé dernièrement une application de méditation, intrigué par les bonnes critiques qu’elle reçoit. Depuis, presque tous les matins, et parfois le soir quand je n’arrive pas à dormir, je lance l’application qui me propose un exercice de dix minutes ou un véritable conte pour dormir (bien plus une avalanche de tant de mots qu’on en finit par en perdre le nord de la conscience). — 2018/12/02

Our fire

J’ai été particulièrement malade pendant un mois. Tout d’abord une angine partielle de la gorge qui m’a fait maigrir de deux kilos tant je ne pouvais avaler quoi que ce soit. Puis, deux semaines plus tard, de mystérieuses montées de fièvre. — 2018/11/11

The dream algorithm

Quelle tristesse de devoir quitter un rêve, surtout celui qui vient hanter de temps à autre l’univers de notre inconscience. Je suis de ceux et celles qui planent, qui s’envolent. — 2017/12/17


My walks to work are not all equal. There are these days without thoughts, there are also these clouds in my sleep and my hopes. Then there are these morning lights, made for the pleasure of the eye, which drinks in evanescent details. — 2016/07/09


Fugitive, fragile, brittle, surprising words all beginning and ending with the same letter (in French: fugitive, fragile, friable). Brittle (friable) is the one I remember. — 2015/03/07

Radioactive epidemics

If a few atoms can destroy an entire city, imagine the power of the drugs that flow through our veins. I am easily surprised, my thinking is radioactive and unstable. The perimeter of a lamp reminds me of the bitter lips of a volcano, the contact of a body announces an epidemic of sensations. — 2013/01/18

In my bubbles

Last night, the body still in the water, creating nebulae with soap bubbles. I didn't see the storm pass by that I couldn't get through the walls. The house this morning is silent like a church in which no one prays anymore. — 2012/12/28

The counterpoint

My window overlooks the main street. It's temporary because my real bedroom is under construction. I wake up with the resumption of urban activities, the increase in traffic, the multiple uproars that are not in any way protesting. — 2012/06/08

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