Walking Montreal — 2017/02/06

Sunday morning, I decided to leave the apartment, under the screed of a slight headache. The sky is grey, the air humid so that you don't feel comfortable right away even if the main purpose of this walk is to get some fresh air. I dive into the subway to get out at Place d'Armes station. To the Old Port.


On all nuances — 2012/12/02

Yesterday was the day of all the nuances. A manual work during the day, at night, a big symphony concert at McGill University. Then a few choristers gathered for a beer. From there, I followed a chorister friend to a dance bar. A first for me.


The handicapped artist — 2012/01/17

He is probably one of the oldest subway artists because I have been running into him for a long time now, at random, in several stations. The skin on his face has an indefinable texture, the remnant of virulent juvenile acne or the after-effects of a burn.


Walking and anger — 2011/12/27

Although the morning heralded a cold and generous sun, the clouds quickly appeared and softened the sky. It was a pleasant walk on Mount Royal with two people I love very much, Elias and Yves.


Seeing something else — 2011/12/05

Near the Village, in Émilie-Gamelin Park, a colorful labyrinth has appeared. I don't know if the installation is finished or if it was conceived in this way, pure abstract art probably wanting to be a break with the everyday landscape as we often write to explain nothing.


Grey walk — 2011/11/26

Saturday morning grey, and sweet. Temperatures over the next few days will look more like a tired summer than a dying fall. The air is good, the walk is long and pleasant.


Bucolic miasm — 2011/11/20

It's not hot "for the water pump" this morning (French expression to tells that it's cold as to freeze your balls). The cold, like a big elephant, is pushing everything in the porcelain shop. The passers-by are shivering, some are overdressed while others still have their skirts a little too short.