The lady and her broom — 2012/08/08

The lady with the broom is still there. Her fenced courtyard is free of vegetation, asphalted. Summer, spring, fall, and even in winter, I see her handling her modest kitchen broom, not even one of those big, rough-brushed hardware brushes, but the one designed to move house dust.


The life I meet — 2012/06/12

To get to my kitchen, I invariably walk past the back door, which offers a view to the neighbors. I look around, spying. There are new students, on the second floor, a gay couple no doubt, there are the neighbors on the ground floor with their son who lost his fat and now is rolling his biceps. In the summer, he is usually in his underwear and displays his new weapons.


The little dog — 2011/12/31

She's already taking him out on a leash. She stays on her balcony while her little dog, clothed in his sports attire, walks to the snow-covered lawn. It rounds its back, makes its poop by looking at its mistress.