The chaos of all of us — 2016/09/25

Twilight already, autumn already. When walking with the clock in the sky, the ordering of things seems normal to us without being disturbing or pacifying. I was coming out of my singing class, I looked at the sun, which was already only a glow on a throbbing cloud, perhaps a harbinger of rain.


Trials and errors — 2011/12/12

It has been established that it is generally the strongest that survives. Let's be clear, physical strength has nothing to do with it. Depending on the context, the cunning, ingenuity, imagination of the survivors, or only their number, work in both directions. Dominant males are fooled by backyard rats more often than you think.


Oxidizable — 2011/12/11

Since life is a perpetual restart, it is necessarily constant oxidation. What-it-is no longer becomes. Sometimes, this is gradually reduced, slowly jammed, oxidized, and then stopped. But sometimes, the breakage occurs, and it is already no longer, in a great crash of indifference since it is now elsewhere.