Our sails — 2012/01/26

I'm not allowed to take pictures of you, to talk about you by showing your face. You have the right to your inner world, to your anonymity even if, paradoxically, you may dream of being in the spotlight. In American America, I would not be bored or intimidated.


The room of lost souls — 2012/01/04

Twenty-thirty hours, in the lost steps room of Berri-Uqam station. I'm with a friend, waiting for another one of his friends. We're sitting. Coffee is obviously terrible. My friend eats a dry potato flour doughnut. In front of me, the flashy ticket office of the STM and, sitting on the benches, not impatient customers, but haggard beings.


The invisible ones — 2011/11/15

There are few or almost no faces in my photos. Several factors are involved. First, my shyness, which is not helped by the second factor, the right to people's image.