Cryptic — 2016/10/13

I will be the apostle of light as long as I live. I'm not so sure about that, even if it's my desire. I will also accept the bloody hands of the shadows, sculptors of the eternal splendors that slip through our fingers. I am a Don Quixote of cliff words, temperate waters. Many ships populate my lagoon oceans.


The good little people — 2014/04/13

The good little people, the poets hate them. They find in them no color other than that of the undifferentiated and the filthy misery. These little people are pretexts for them to claim the ingratitude of fate, the tragedy of the human condition. For this reason, the good little people are great to live their destiny close to nothing.


We don't listen to you, poet — 2013/11/01

See, poet? It seems to have been quiet around you. Not to hear from you, but because we prefer to ignore you. Your words may be right, they are also too vague, they do not bring anything to the vision of their eyes.


The legends — 2012/02/29

I was talking to a friend about a beautiful piece we're learning at the choir. I told him that the text set to music was by Rilke.


Doing — 2012/01/20

People say they like reading me and jokingly add that sometimes people don't always understand me, that at the beginning of the day, my poetry goes more or less well between coffee and toast. I laugh with all my heart. Indeed, it is not always necessary to listen to poets (or politicians), and the poet has a personal responsibility to do something too.


Gérald Godin or the incarnate poet — 2011/12/15

Last night, on Télé-Québec, I watched the excellent documentary Godin. The incarnation of this poet is moving, we come to regret this time when the political cause seemed to take on its full meaning.


On poets and illiterates — 2011/11/18

This morning, a thin layer of snow was hurrying to live its last moments. Fall is at war with the next season; people were perhaps rushing a little more than usual to get to the subway station so as not to get caught in the cold (or viruses looking for a nest).