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Feverish truths

I don't walk around anymore. I'm sorry about that, still overwhelmed by small and large tasks. Nevertheless, spring continued its early advance over Montreal. We have not had, so to speak, a winter here. I just used the shovel to clear the stairs. Fortunately, we also did not experience endless rains even though the sky was, it seems to me, greyer than usual during this season. — 2012/03/09

Our sails

I'm not allowed to take pictures of you, to talk about you by showing your face. You have the right to your inner world, to your anonymity even if, paradoxically, you may dream of being in the spotlight. In American America, I would not be bored or intimidated. — 2012/01/26

The invisible ones

There are few or almost no faces in my photos. Several factors are involved. First, my shyness, which is not helped by the second factor, the right to people's image. — 2011/11/15

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