quantum physics


Alone and with you — 2021/09/03

Reality is a subtle construction of our senses. Different joys, different wounds, a swarm of interpretations summarizing our curricula.


Two small slits — 2021/08/29

About ninety years ago, let's say about a hundred years ago, an experiment changed the concept of reality. Einstein himself did not dare to believe it. The experiment was based on Thomas Young's 1801 experiment, which showed that light was a wave. It is pretty simple.


The universe in three books — 2020/10/19

During my short vacation, I looked at three books on the same subject. I have long been fascinated by discoveries about the universe.


Reality does not exist — 2017/01/01

Reality only exists when we observe it. Australian researchers proved this in 2015, corroborating what a logic stemming from quantum physics tended to demonstrate in 1978.


Universe — 2012/12/25

Slept for part of the day, still burdened by the good Christmas meal and the pleasures that came with it. Between these unconscious periods, I took the opportunity to go through the last half of an inspiring book, The Universe Within, by Neil Turok.