I'm not a summer reading — 2012/07/18

I mailed five copies of Les Mailles sanguines, the first one to Les Éditions..., whose reading committee suggested that I propose a second version. Two other copies were sent by e-mail to more "younger" Quebec houses. Another copy, by mail, to a large and former Quebec publishing house. Finally, one last text, tonight, at a French publisher.


In search of — 2011/11/05

Joy should, in my opinion, be lived as intensely as sadness, the senses should drink every moment of light as if the smallest of feelings contained the strength of a single photon. The temporary is extraordinary in that it is inexhaustible and straightforward.


Am I really sad? — 2011/10/10

A friend remarked to me the other day that I seemed sad, at least from what he deduced about my books and the few writings I received here. My mother also remarked to me a long time ago that when I was young, I only wrote sad things, troubled poems.